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Our community

We’ve met some magical people on our individual and partnered journeys and think it’s really important to share them with everyone that comes our way. We owe each of them a lot of thanks for their gifts and how they’ve impacted us. If their services inspire you or speak to your specific needs, we’re happy to endorse them and encourage you to connect with them directly.

Andrew Avocados

Andrew is our dear friend and ceremonial cacao hook-up. If he’s not travelling the world DJing some of the biggest, most spectacular ecstatic dance events or putting on cacao ceremonies, he spends most of his time down on the lake in Guatemala being a very beautiful man.

Paul and Kathie from Quantum Life

Paul and Kathie host unforgettable cacao ceremonies, offer some of the most powerful healing techniques we’ve ever seen, and have the most amazing energy gadgets that will heal your body and blow your mind. Living legends in many capacities.

Linh at The Wise Heart

Linh has done more for us on a personal and professional coaching level than any other person we know. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be here, or here, or even here. If we have a problem, we usually go to her first. Why would we even mess around otherwise?

Pete at Blue Collar Spiritualist

Pete does heavy-duty shamanic healing and journey work, mediumship, space clearing (based out of New York state) and teaches communication with spirit. He’s played an important part in our journey and we love talking shop with him. A very fine fellow.

Kurt Jurek R.Ac., R.TCM.P

Kurt is a masterful acupuncturist and classical practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. His approach helped lift John out of very dire circumstances waaaay back when he was just a normal boy. Kurt has been weaving his careful magic for ages and we can always count on him to guide us to balance and a greater understanding of the subtle energies we work with. He’s a very saintly man and a true sage.

Jackie from aloha Kai

Jackie has her hands in many wondrous pots, but we mostly know her for organizing sublime spiritual events and her tireless dedication to building much-needed community around the often lonely corners of the awakened. She’s fostered a powerful squadron of high vibrationals and we are very fortunate to feel like we’re a part of her beautiful world.